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  1. Perry Y.

    Good quality and value for money. Has worked well to protect my timber furniture.
  2. Divya T.

    Excellent product!

Will the product change the look of my timber surface?

No.  The Cleaner/Protector is water based and safe to use on all indoor timbers, including white wash finished.  We do recommend testing in a hidden area to ensure there are no adverse effects before using.

Does the product need mixing or diluting?

No. It’s ready to use out of the box.  The Timber Cleaner/Conditioner comes in a pump spray bottle and can be sprayed directly onto the timber surface then wiped off.

How often should I use the product?

We recommend cleaning, then protecting timber furniture every 2-3 months.  Use the Care Cover Indoor Timber Protective Cream to protect against drying, cracking and UV damage.

Is the product safe to handle?

Yes.  Our water based formular is completely safe to handle.  It is non-toxic, non-flammable and eco-friendly. Avoid contact with eyes and it is not to be taken.

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Indoor Timber Furniture Cleaner & Conditioner 250mL



The Care Cover Indoor Timber Cleaner effectively removes grime and build up from timber furniture, while nourishing and and enhancing its natural finish. The product aids in UV protection for indoor timber furniture such as tables, buffets, bench tops, chairs, bed frames, cabinets and trims. The cleaner is formulated for use on a wide range of indoor timbers, including most hardwoods such as elm, mango wood, rubber wood and softwoods such as treated pine.

The Care Cover indoor timber care products will not affect the look, feel or condition of timber and is designed to leave no surface residue. Unlike other timber care products that use solvent based ingredients which can potentially damage a timber’s surface, Care Cover products are water based and eco-friendly.

1 x 250mL bottle of Cleanser and Conditioner to wash and enhance natural timber grain, highlight colour to help maintain the timber finish.


  • Effective cleaning and nourishing for all indoor timber furniture
  • Helps to prevent drying and ageing of timber
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No mixing or dilution required


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